How Europe Drove Israel Insane

It’s a rump state permanently dependent on Europe and the USA. Its purpose has always been to weaken Jews.

Thomas Greene
6 min readMay 19, 2024
Your taxes pay for this army (via Xitter)

Israel’s maniacal siege of Gaza was conceived in Europe, with the post-war expulsion of stunned Holocaust survivors to Palestine. Once the German extermination camps were liberated and the horror was digested, there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm for Jewish influence over the growth trajectory of what would become the world’s second-largest commercial superstate. Establishing Israel far away in Palestine on Arab-populated land was Christian Europe’s way of exiling unwelcome Holocaust survivors without appearing anti-Semitic — indeed, while appearing supportive. Go be Jewish somewhere else, Europe whispered with the warmest of smiles.

The Western powers denied real Justice to the Jews, and chose instead to forgive Germany’s sins and nominate her Europe’s Protestant Cinderella, her depraved history of atrocities against largely defenseless people notwithstanding. Industrious, thrifty, fertile, and productive, her people were sold as the very embodiment of Calvinist virtue lately led astray by a small, powerful clique. Meanwhile, Europe’s shattered Holocaust survivors would be encouraged to relocate back in old Judea to dilute their influence in Europe while dampening Arab ambitions to boot. It wasn’t a forced exile like to Babylon, but it was, unmistakably, an exile, only by soft influence and innuendo. It was in the Jews’ best interests, everyone said.

The people of Europe are self-consciously Christian, and eternally Islamophobic and anti-Semitic, yet deathly afraid of admitting it, so image-conscious are they. Protecting ‘brand Europe’ — keeping the mask of decency securely in place — results in some truly tautological politics and morals. Post-war Europeans were obliged, by bourgeois notions of common courtesy, to affect deep concern for a people they have always seen as untrustworthy and subversive. But despite all the virtue signaling, no European government would accept a large, stable society of Jews in a position of political, military, and economic strength in their midst.

The fact that Germany would be let off the hook for full-on genocide was a powerful expression of European anti-Semitism disguised as post-war reconciliation. It was one Hell of a clue that the Zionists refused to grasp, even as they were gently shooed away. European Jews would be welcome only as vulnerable minority populations — as they had been traditionally and remain to this day: unable to vote in large enough blocs to protect themselves from Christian European priorities.

In a just universe, Holocaust survivors would have inherited a major role in post-war global politics, security, and economics, operating from the center of Europe, rather than from their current remote outpost where dependency on the Christian West was baked in from day one. The Zionist project created a rump state permanently dependent on Europe and the USA for defense, trade, and foreign aid. This means that Israel is expected to serve Western interests as a regional chaperone, tattler, and enforcer, which it does enthusiastically. The state is an unwholesome outgrowth of European anti-Semitism. Its sole purpose is to weaken Jews. The Zionists were, and remain, Christendom’s stooges.

Getting away with (mass) murder
During the early post-war period, violent expressions of Jewish hatred toward Germany would have been understood and forgiven by most, but they would have been politically inconvenient for the major world powers. So the West guided European Jews toward an adversarial relationship with their new Arab neighbors instead of rounding on their former abusers, the Germans, as they should have been permitted to do.

Palestinians, then, are the illegitimate targets of perfectly legitimate Jewish rage. The rage itself is understandable — indeed, righteous — but its expression is perverse: Palestinians, not Germans, are paying for the persistent evils of German racial hatred and sadism, with its attendant anguish that will echo through generations of Jews to come.

The German government understands the sacrifice that Palestine is forced to make, fully appreciates the benefits it enjoys, and strives to keep that evil formula in place. So, Europe in general, and the Germans in particular, have become Israel’s eager handmaid in genocidal violence, a vile practice for which they wrote the manual.

Germany is selling weapons to Israel, and withholding funds for UNRWA’s humanitarian aid to Palestine solely on the strength of Israeli allegations — which means that German citizens, willingly or not, are directly involved in scapegoating a defenseless, trapped, ghettoized population and murdering them indiscriminately on a vast, industrial scale. Israeli Jews need Justice, but a genocide in Gaza is the depraved substitute that Europe has arranged for them.

Justice denied
The post-war show trial at Nuremberg enabled Europe and America to cast out a few high-profile goblins, while commentators recited the phrase “Nazi Holocaust” instead of “German Holocaust.” The atonement spectacle made sense politically; but morally, it was among the most destructive frauds of the 20th Century. The Christian world excused German genocide against a non-Christian population and enacted a pantomime of reconciliation. Thus Germany’s irredeemable, demonic evil was transferred onto the Palestinians, who became a nation of scapegoats that Israel has been gleefully tormenting every day since.

Perversely, Germans are the beneficiaries of Israel’s daily holocaust in the Gaza Ghetto. Rather than sponsor this depraved campaign of mass violence, the German people should grovel on their knees weeping before Palestine, begging forgiveness, offering every possible blessing and bribe, because each Palestinian injury or death by Israel’s hand is a ritual sacrifice in place of well-earned German punishment for the Shoah.

The original sin of German racial sadism has since morphed into Israeli racial sadism. Indeed, the hatred and violence have only worsened over time. The unresolved trauma of the German Holocaust and the subsequent denial of Justice have mutated and grown contagious. A majority of Israelis today appear to be infected with a kind of Holocaust-themed public derangement centered on Palestine. By any measure, the State of Israel is clearly insane; it will destroy itself by embracing the evil logic of its identity as a military society, but Europe made it so.

Bad blood
This sacrifice of innocent people must end. Palestinian resistance to foreign occupation is perfectly justified — indeed, it is morally mandated. Just as the wartime Jews of the numerous ghetto uprisings had to resist the German military, so Palestinians are obliged to resist ethnic cleansing in Gaza at the hands of Likud sadists and their IDF enforcers, many of whom speak cavalierly of committing war crimes, as if it were a sport.

Capitulating to Evil is always immoral; Palestine must fight for its survival; it must stage its own ghetto uprising; and decent people everywhere must help. So don’t let anyone “but Hamas” you into silence. If doing what is morally correct in defiance of Israel’s depraved thirst for innocent blood makes one anti-Semitic, as Zionist grooming gangs like the ADL and AIPAC insist, then wear that label defiantly, as a badge of honor. Don’t let that spiteful incantation immobilize you in the face of violent ethnic cleansing. Cop to it with pride; rob it of its power.

Israel’s genocide is a test: one that the world’s liberal institutions and governments are failing. This systemic, global spinelessness means that we are all Palestinians now. Because if Gaza can be ethnically sanitized while our enlightened, liberal governments merely watch and wring their hands and express their deep concerns, then that is proof that you can be rinsed away too whenever the group you belong to becomes similarly unwelcome. No help for Gaza today means no help for someone else tomorrow. This will not end here.

Fight this evil now, or accept the risk that one day your mortal terror might be answered solely by the echo of your own screams.